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About Bela Vista 

In 2017, a man called Theo Claassen took me to one of the poorest and impoverished parts of Mozambique called Bela Vista. I had no expectations, but on arrival I was touched by the humbleness and humility of the people, who were dealing with the daily anguish of having to feed, educate and look after the children, who had been abandoned. I learnt that because of the ongoing war, family life had shattered, leaving an average age of 11 years old, with no parents or family and this was when Theo and his team moved in to help them.

On meeting the children of Bela Vista, I felt a tugging at my heart strings but I had hope in knowing that they were being educated, albeit at a grass-root level, by a team of tireless and selfless volunteers, led by a woman called Veronica Massing.

The reality is that poverty is a cruel cycle. If children do not eat, they cannot concentrate. If they do not have sufficient learning resources, they cannot be taught. If they do not have shelter, they cannot rest. If they do not have water, they cannot live.

I made a pledge to myself, Veronica and Theo that I would do whatever I could to improve the situation.

I watched the children, who were joyful, full of hope and happiness and a very special zest for life. I was both humbled and full of gratitude for being introduced to this little home in the middle of nowhere, knowing the children were loved and nurtured by good, kind and caring people.

This is a large ask for any donation, however small, as it will go a long way. The monies are distributed to the right places without a break in continuity, due to no administration costs.

My latest projects


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Since Pandora’s involvement, 60 children have been fed and clothed, a children’s day shelter has been built and a fresh water point has been installed



Cara’s missionary work in Uganda in 2017 has continued south to Bela Vista in Mozambique. She is our ambassador for the Bela Vista Project.


Veronica joined the Project in 2010 when three babies were left orphaned. She supports the Bela Vista orphanage and school, which accommodates around forty children.

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